Scott mills his own logs from the abundant  'horticultural salvage' along the wild Sonoma Coast. After the green logs are sliced into manageable slabs, the ends are sealed with wax and the slabs are carefully stacked for drying in the barn. After about a year, slabs are sawn into veneers and planed smooth. Scott then grades the veneers and composes the wood's grain for optimal strength and beauty. Separated by layers of a flexible resin, the veneers are formed into compound contours with Scott's homemade hydraulic press. Final shaping is done by hand with small drawknives, spokeshaves and planes.



deepcraft: Handmade Longboards from native california Hardwoods

Hand shaped by artist/designer Scott Constable, each Deep Deck Longboard is made from air-dried, salvaged hardwoods, locally milled in Northern California. With a slight camber, raised rails and a subtle kick, the deck measures 44" long x 9.5" wide, perfect for all-around carving and cruising. Made to order in small batches, the deck is available in Black Acacia, Claro Walnut, Eucalyptus and American Elm, finished with a non-toxic, penetrating oil. Skateboards are sold 'complete', with Independant trucks and OJ wheels. Please contact Scott to learn more about pricing, timing and available woods.